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To add the TDE Google Calendar to your Google Calendar, click on the +Google Calendar button.

School Calendar

How to add the TDE Calendar to your Google Calendar: 


1. Click the blue "+Google Calendar" button on bottom right corner from the calendar above. 

2. It will automatically add it to "My Calendars" 

3. Make sure the check box is clicked, so you can see the TDE calendar! 



How to add TDE Calendar on your iPhone:


1. Go to settings
2. Click on “Passwords & Accounts”
3. Click on “Add Account”
4. Click on “Other”
5. Click “Add Subscribed Calendar”

6. Copy and paste provided link into the “Server” field

7. Click “Save”


Congrats! You have now subscribed to the TDE calendars!

Year at a Glance

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