Welcome to the Dance Extension!               

Celebrating our 34th Anniversary Season preparing students for a lifetime of learning.

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Whether you’re new to dance or have been studying many years, we thank you for joining us for a spectacular dance season.

History: The Dance Extension was founded by artistic director, Maggie Dennis, in 1984 on the belief in the value of arts education specifically through dance. Over the years, we have become known for providing students with an excellent dance education in an inspiring, exciting atmosphere where dancers of all ages and levels feel special and welcome. We take great pride in fostering the tradition of giving back to our community through dance. Talent, focus and generosity are the hallmarks of our students who, through dance, develop life skills to succeed in any field.  The school nurtures students; assists them in achieving their goals; and provides opportunities to pursue their dreams.



Our mission is to integrate the tradition, discipline and creativity of dance education in a classically based curriculum, and provide a well-rounded, quality program for all students.  We nurture each student in developing their skills, and above all, a lifelong appreciation for dance, theatre and music.


We are confident in the quality, appropriateness, safety and correctness of our instruction and policies.  

The school sets itself apart from many others by emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.



Our philosophy on dance education encourages student growth through performances both in the theatre and the community and attendance at workshops, master classes, concerts and conventions focusing on technique development & the enjoyment of dance rather than competition. We believe teaching students in an inspiring, family-oriented environment builds self-confidence and we use age specific syllabi and impressive choreography for students to demonstrate their accomplishments. We believe that children need time to be children.  We set a high standard within the field of dance education with age appropriate movement, music and costuming.  All Dance Extension dancewear, costumes and choreography are modest and age-appropriate.


Understanding Dance Education

Dance is an individual art form; each child needs to achieve at a pace that’s comfortable for him/her. No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training.  It’s important to encourage your child to focus on themselves, give their all and take pride in their accomplishments.  Dance education encompasses far more than technique or the steps your child will learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment by offering them a chance to learn, experience the spirit of teamwork and understand what hard work can accomplish. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies and souls of our students and to teach them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance. Whether a student is just starting out or aspires to a dance career, good discipline, working toward a goal and learning to accept challenges and disappointments are all wonderful life lessons learned through dance.


While applauding the accomplishments of their peers, TDE students learn empathy and compassion while buliding strong, lasting friendships. We strive to provide a supportive, structured environment filled with dance, music, accomplishment and of course, lots of fun.


The faculty takes great care to instruct students with proper technique and discipline in an encouraging and supportive environment.  We encourage students to gain confidence through self-discipline and constructive feedback. We strive to challenge each student to explore his/her own potential as a performing artist. Faculty members continue to train, perform and participate in professional development activities nationally. Read more...

Summer Program

Summer camps and classes are offered in July & August for students ages 2 to adult. Check with the desk in late March or early April for a list of available programs and themed camps.



Summer Intensive: Age 10+ with previous experience.


Dates: July 16th – August 3rd, 2018

The Summer Intensive provides the young dancer with a strong foundation of technical training as well as valuable experience working with our talented faculty on the creation of new repertory. The three week program is designed to develop technique that will enhance the dancers' performance experience and build confidence for the stage.


Curriculum: Daily technique classes strengthen and hone the dancer's skills, and a diverse array of world dance genres introduces students to new rhythms, movement styles and cultural traditions expanding their dance experience and background. The intensive offers a unique blend of traditional and world dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, composition, modern/contemporary, African, Irish, Bollywood. The Intensive culminates with an in studio showing for family and friends.


Hours of Operation

The studios are generally open M-F 4:30-9 pm, Sat 9:30 am – 12 noon, and closed on Sundays. See the current schedule for exact hours. Call the office 12 noon – 3 pm or after 4:30 pm with questions.


Parent/director conferences to discuss student progress or concerns are available by appointment only.


Arrival & Departure

The studio opens 10 minutes prior to the first class each day. All students are expected to arrive ahead of the start of class. Young students must be accompanied by an adult. Please be sure a staff member is present before leaving your child. Parents are welcome to stay in the lobby during class.  


Tardiness: If late, students must wait until the exercise is finished and knock on the door before entering the class. For safety, students arriving more than 10 minutes late will observe class only since warm up is not possible. Students entering class late or leaving early is a distraction and disrupts the flow of the lesson.


The studio closes 10 minutes after the last class has ended. Questions should be addressed before the last class begins to insure the staff can complete their work and depart on time.  Children must remain in the studio until a parent arrives, so kindly come in to pick up your child. IF SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON WHO DROPPED OFF YOUR CHILD WILL PICK UP YOUR CHILD, NOTIFY THE DESK STAFF PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS! The staff is not required to supervise children in the lobby. If running late, please call. If a student must be excused early, notify the teacher and desk staff before class.


Weather Cancellations

During inclement weather, TDE will announce our decision whether or not to hold classes as early as possible. Please be aware that TDE does not adhere to local school closures since afternoon weather and driving conditions can differ considerably from early morning conditions.


Closures/delays are announced after 3 pm on weekdays and after 9 am on Saturdays via


Students may make up classes canceled due to weather in any regularly scheduled class appropriate for the student’s age and level other than the one in which the student is registered.


Food & Drink

Water is recommended and may be purchased at the New London Studio. Drinks must be in spill-proof containers, and food disposed of properly. Give recyclable materials to the desk staff. Gum chewing is not permitted. Food, drink, gum or snacks are not permitted in class.  


Lost & Found

The Dance Extension is not liable for property lost, stolen or misplaced on the premises.  Students are strongly advised to leave personal valuables at home. Purses and wallets may be taken into the studio while students are taking class. Check for lost items under the lobby benches. See the desk staff for watches and jewelry. All unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each semester.



Photos and Videos of TDE classes may not be taken parents or visitors. Exceptions are made during Take a Peek Week / Class Visitation Week. Please be mindful of posting pictures on social media that include students other than members of your family.  Always obtain the parents’ permission prior to posting. Always properly credit a teacher/choreographer when posting any footage that includes choreography.


TDE frequently takes photographs & videos of our classes, rehearsals and performances for use in publicity. The Dance Extension reserves the right to use all photos taken on the premises or at our events for publicity and social media. Please notify us in writing if we are not free to publish photos/videos of your child.



The studio phone is for business use only, however, emergency personal calls are permitted. Cell phones are not permitted in class, and must be on “silent mode” in the lobby.



Students and family members are expected to be quiet, courteous, respectful and well behaved while in the lobby.Please use quiet voices and refrain from loud conversations and activities in the lobby and bathrooms while classes are in session. Mobile phones must be on silent or vibrate mode.  Running, loud play, and walking on benches or furniture are not permitted.  Coats, street clothes must be hung on the hooks provided or placed in a dance bag. Please do not leave dirty diapers in the restroom since the desk staff cleans at the end of the day. Parents are responsible for supervising children in the lobby and keeping them safe and under control. All children who are not attending class must be accompanied by an adult while in the lobby and may not be permitted to run free throughout the studio. Staff is not responsible for babysitting siblings during class.


Dance Library

The Dance Extension library, a collection of over 200 books, videos & DVDs, was established in 1999 to enhance our curriculum and our students’ knowledge of the art of dance.  It includes biographies, picture books and books on dance history, technique, pointe, and musicals. The library is open to students for their own enjoyment and inspiration or as a resource for school reports.



The New London studio has viewing windows with shades. The faculty may lower the blinds at the NL Studio or close the door at Chapman Studio in order to properly conduct class.  Special Take a Peek Weeks are scheduled during the year. Visitors are not permitted in the studio while a class is in session.  It may not distract a child for his/her parent to be in class, but it is very distracting to the other students. Use of foul language and actions, smoking and the use of alcohol and drugs are prohibited in and around both studios. No illegal substances, firearms or weapons are allowed on TDE property.



Drive safely in the parking lots and park in spaces that do not block the exit of others or the studio’s emergency exits.

Please do not leave children unattended in your car in the parking lot.


Chapman Studio: Parking is limited. Car Pools are appreciated.  Minivans on right, compact cars on left. Please park only in designated spaces. Cars parked on the street will be ticketed by the Waterford Police and towed at the owner’s expense.


New London Studio: Ample parking designated by yellow lines. Other spaces are reserved for Town Fair Tire customers.  Keep the emergency exit door clear!



An Emergency Contact (name and cell phone), other than the parent, must be listed on each dancer’s online account.

Please be considerate of the health of classmates and faculty. In order to ward off an “epidemic” during cold and flu season, please keep your child at home during any illness and allow adequate time to recover before returning to class. Classes are physically demanding and partial participation is not as beneficial as taking an alternate make-up class when the student is fully recovered. Students who show symptoms of severe and/or contagious illness will not be allowed to take class.  Please be sure TDE has your updated contact information.


TDE has implemented the following safety measures in order to maintain the health and safety of our students and faculty

  • Hand sanitizer is available in each studio and at the front desk.

  • Barres are wiped regularly with disinfectant wipes.

  • We strongly recommend that students carry hand sanitizer with them to use before and after class.

  • We encourage students washing hands with soap and water often and to practice good cough/sneeze etiquette.



Important notices on special events, vacations and holidays are sent via email. Families are asked to provide an email at registration to expedite the delivery of important school info. Please be sure to update your email address with the office as needed.  Add info@danceextension.com and  nancy@danceextension.com to your address book so our emails do not end up in your spam folder.


Calendar: Please visit our website for a complete listing of important dates.  www.danceextension.com.


FacebooK: Weekly updates and photos are published on our Facebook page. Be sure to Like our Page and use the Facebook iPhone App to star our page so our posts show up in your newsfeed.  www.facebook.com/thedanceextension


Bulletin Boards: Our calendar and special event information is also posted on the studio’s bulletin boards for your convenience.



Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  Fall registration begins online in May.. Registration is complete when a registration form, annual member fee and the first tuition installment is received. The annual member fee (paid annually) reserves the student’s place in a space-limited class at The Dance Extension and offsets administrative costs including invoicing, insurance, desk staff, newsletters, correspondence, special events.  The family member fee includes members of an immediate family (siblings, parent and minor children), and does not apply to siblings/children over the age of 18, cousins, in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, etc. The school must be advised of all pre-existing physical/medical conditions and allergies at the time of registration. Please inform the school in writing of all address changes (street or email).



Classes which do not meet minimum enrollment are subject to change. If you do not see the class time or level needed, contact the office. If the studio is open, a teacher available and sufficient interest, we can add a class to our schedule to accommodate your needs.


Students are individually placed by the faculty in classes best suited to their skill level, dance experience, age and attitude.  TDE reserves the right to determine the class level for every student, regardless of prior training, and the right to make placement changes deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of the student. Class levels do not correspond to the student’s age or grade in school.


Our placement is an evaluation of the best place for each dancer at the current point in their training. Progress is assessed in the spring when the faculty makes recommendations for summer and fall class placement. Placement is reevaluated in September, and, if necessary, transfers are recommended.


Unlike academic programs, it often takes more than one year to complete a level especially intermediate & advanced levels (C-F). It’s not uncommon for students to repeat a level of training.


Students who have missed the fundamentals of any level due to excessive absence, injury or any other reasons may need to repeat the missed level of study. It is unsafe to advance students without the necessary foundation. .  It is important that students can execute class material safely before moving to the next level in order to avoid injuries.  


Our goal is to allow each student to gain confidence and self-esteem through studying dance. Most children gain confidence in a class that is challenging, but not so difficult that they are struggling to keep up. Over the years, we have found that students placed in classes beyond their capacity (at the present time) tend to lose the joy of dance. Advancement without the necessary foundation is not in the best interest of the student.


Parent/teacher conferences are available on request.


Note: Continuing dance training during the summer is essential for progression in the school.



The days, times and teachers of classes on the the school’s current schedule are subject to change. The Dance Extension, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment; to refuse registration if a class has reached capacity; to substitute a qualified instructor in the absence of the regularly scheduled teacher and to refuse service.



Tuition rates are available on our website. Note: Rates are per student, not per family.

  • Tuition includes group instruction only.

  • Tuition does not include dancewear or shoes, costumes, private lessons or performance related expenses

  • Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • In the event a class is canceled by TDE due to low enrollment and no alternative class can be found for the student, tuition will be refunded.

  • Refunds in the case of relocation, prolonged illness or injury (verified by a physician’s certificate) are at the discretion of the director, and will incur a processing fee.

  • A $30 fee is charged for each check returned by the bank and for each declined charge.


Staff and operational expenses are not eliminated when a student is absent. Refunds, credits & transfers will not be given for unattended or canceled classes including those due to illness, weather, school functions, personal commitments, etc.  All enrolled students are welcome and encouraged to attend makeup classes for all absences (see “Makeup Classes” below).


Students will not be admitted to class without having paid tuition in advance, according to the policies specific to their selected payment plan.


Account Statements

The Dance Extension, LLC issues statements for overdue accounts only. Monthly bills/statements will not be given/mailed; however, students with unpaid accounts as of the 7th day of the month will receive a reminder statement. Students with outstanding balances over 15 days may not participate in classes or performances.  If experiencing financial difficulties, please call the office to arrange a payment schedule.

Makeup Classes

It is the student’s privilege to make up all missed classes (including those canceled due to weather) in a class other than one in which the student is registered.  Only currently registered students with accounts paid up to date may take make up classes. Makeups should be taken in the same or lower level class as the student’s present class. See teacher or desk staff for recommendations.


Students may take makeups for their absences only. Relatives/friends may not take make ups for student’s absences.  Make ups may be taken only for classes the student is currently registered in. If a dancer has withdrawn from a class, he/she may no longer take makeups for that class. Make ups must be taken/completed by the end of the month following the absence (ie absences in September can be made up through the month of October) and during the same semester as the absence. Absences during the last two weeks of 1st semester may be made up in February, if the student is registered in the class for 2nd semester.


Withdrawing from the School

Written notification to the office (not the faculty) is required by the last day of the current month or semester to withdraw the student’s account from the Easy Pay Installment Plan or Semester Plan. Without written notification, the student’s space is held and tuition installments and late fees are billed to the account. The account holder is responsible for all tuition and fees until such written notice is received regardless of attendance.  No refunds are made for classes not attended or for the month of withdrawl.


Withdrawls prior to September 1s: The annual member fee and the first installment of tuition will be retained by TDE.



Students are expected to be polite and respectful of directors, staff, faculty, fellow dancers and the facility. Children should address the faculty and staff as Miss or Mrs.________. Adult students may use the teacher’s first name. Students should use restroom prior to class. All students are expected to participate in the full class. Since there is much to be accomplished, questions during class must be limited to what is being worked on at the time.


A very important part of dance education and our studio curriculum and is to teach and instill proper “audience behaviors” in children as young as preschool. We insist on proper respect for the teacher and for other students, reinforcing what is taught at preschools and kindergarten. We work on taking turns, raising hands, no pushing, quiet voices, kind words, asking politely and being flexible to new and changing conditions. Polite behavior and good manners should be displayed throughout the class and lobby. Use of foul language and violent actions are not permitted.


Prohibited behaviors

  • Touching mirrors, pulling or hanging on barres, standing on lobby benches, eating or drinking or using cell phones inside the classroom, smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs in or around the studios.

  • Recording choreography without the choreographer’s permission.

  • Taking photographs and videos of students/teachers/parents without their permission.

  • Entering the studio before the beginning of class time or without a faculty member present.


The Dance Extension LLC is committed to being a drug, alcohol and smoke free environment. The Dance Extension LLC is a private school and reserves the right to terminate the enrollment any student for failing to comply with studio policies, exhibits inappropriate behavior or upsets the harmony of the school. No refunds will be given upon termination.


Street Clothes/Shoes: For the safety and health of the students, street clothing and street shoes must be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building. Students should arrive at the studio pre-dressed in their dancewear with their street clothes or a coverup over their dancewear. Please refrain from using the restroom to change into dancewear as it restricts access to those who need to use the restroom for its intended purpose.



Regular attendance is imperative for proper training and essential for consistent progress and skill development.  It is essential not only for your child, but also for the other children in the class.  To insure proper attendance records, students are expected to briefly check in at the front desk prior to the start of class.  If an absence is unavoidable, please inform the desk staff in advance by calling (after 4:30 pm on weekdays, and 9:30 am on Saturdays).


Excessive absence and tardiness will prevent the student from progressing in the curriculum at the same rate as his/her classmates and can hold back the entire class.


Class attendance is vital for participation in the biennial performance. Each student is an important part of the overall choreography and is often partnered with a classmate. Please make this a consideration when selecting spring activities.  


Injured students are encouraged to observe class as to not fall behind. Inform the studio of any recent illness, injury or other medical conditions that may affect stamina or performance. All injuries sustained while at The Dance Extension must be reported and documented at the desk by filling out an Accident Report Form. All medication is the responsibility of the student and parent(s).


Visit our website for a list of required dancewear for each class. www.danceextenson.com/attire


In honor of the art of dance, our dress code reflects national standards and is consistent with the tradition of dance education.

No jewelry, watches, long t-shirts, jeans are permitted in class.  A cover-up must be worn over dancewear when entering and leaving the studio.


Why a Dress Code?

  • A dress code creates a sense of discipline and equality among the students.

  • A dress code promotes unity among the class and helps with overall focus, energy and direction.

  • Uniformity of dress allows for accurate technical corrections due to unobstructed views of the body. In order for a teacher to correct body alignment and head placement, he/she must have an unobstructed view of the body.  T-shirts, sweat pants, long hair make it difficult for the teacher to offer technical corrections needed for students to advance.  Simply put if the teacher can’t see the body move, she can’t correct it.

  • The lack of adornment minimizes distractions and insures that the dancers’ technique and movements of the body instead of the latest fashion trends are the center of attention in class.


Hair: Dancers are must be in required attire with hair neatly pulled back off the face and neck.  A bun is preferred for all ballet classes. A headband is recommended for dancers with very short hair. Headbands, hairpins, clips and hairnets should be the same color as the students’ hair.


Shoes: See attire list for recommended styles and brands. Dancer’s full name must be written in each shoe. A used shoe bin containing ballet, tap and jazz shoes ($5-$10 per pair) is at the New London Studio.



  • Double knot ballet shoelaces, cut excess off and tuck inside the shoes.

  • Double tie tap shoelaces (elastic ties are a great alternative to cloth laces).

  • Label all dancewear, dance bags and shoes with the student’s full name (not initials).

  • A dance bag is highly recommended for all students.

  • Leave valuables and jewelry at home.

  • A dance belt is encouraged for all boys age 10+.


A dancer’s shoes are like a football player’s helmet; fit is important. Dance shoes with “room to grow” will prevent proper progression in dance class and may cause children to trip. Tight shoes may cause blisters, calluses or pain too severe to dance. Dance shoes may not be worn on pavement or grass—this damages the shoes and our dance floors when dirt and stones are tracked into the studio. For the same reason, street shoes are not permitted on the dance floors. The Bank Street Cobbler (193 Bank Street, New London, 443-1122) is experienced in affixing taps to shoes.

Where to Purchase Dancewear & Shoes

  • The Dance Extension carries pink skirted leotards, pink tights and used shoes only.

  • Online at Discount Dance Supply, www.discountdance.com. Use our Studio Code for a discount: TP28607.

  • Dancer’s Outlet in East Lyme, www.dancersoutletct.com, 190 Flanders Road, Niantic, CT 06357


Personal Hygiene

During adolescence, learning and maintaining good personal hygiene is very important. Since dancers perspire during class, they must use deodorant/antiperspirant to minimize body odor. Dancers should wear clean dancewear every day and wash their hands with soap and water after using the restroom to decrease the spread of germs.


The privacy of our students and their families, faculty, and staff is very important to us.  The taking of photographs or videos during classes and rehearsals is not permitted. We ask that all members of our TDE family use discretion when using social media to avoid unwelcome sharing of others’ personal information and/or images without their knowledge and/or permission.  TDE does not share personal information of students and their families. To arrange for carpooling, playdates, birthday party invitations, please ask fellow TDE parents for contact info personally as TDE does not share personal information of students and their families.  



In order to respect the time and contributions of our faculty members and allow sufficient time to fully address concerns and questions about a student’s training, we ask that you please refrain from contacting faculty in-between classes, via their personal email, Facebook account, or on home or personal cell phones. To speak with a member of the faculty or staff, please call the studio to set up an appointment with a director and the teacher as needed. Our teachers are obligated to start all classes on time. Understand there is little privacy or time to fully answer questions between classes, so please make an appointment or request a phone call to discuss an unresolved issue.  

Information & Events

Help your dancer grow by staying connected to the studio.


Email: Important information is sent via email. Please be sure a current email address is on file. Add nancy@danceextension.com and info@danceextension.com to your address book.


Facebook: The studio’s Facebook page is a great way to stay connected to the studio and learn more about our events. www.facebook.com/thedanceextension

Special Events: Ice Cream Social (August), Operation Fill a Backpack, Polar Express Holiday Gift & Sock Drive for Child & Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, Class Parties, Dancer of the Year Award, Student of the Month, Class of the Week, Take a Peek Week (Class Visitation), World Tutu Day, Parent Appreciation Week, National Dance Week, Kindness Chain, Spirit Week, , National Tap Dance Day (May 25), National Dance Day (July), bus trips and master classes. Check our Facebook page for additional information.


Take a Peek Week (Class Visitation): Take a Peek is an opportunity for parents to observe students from inside the classroom to view their hard work and accomplishments. See Calendar for dates. Parents are encouraged to attend.. Please respect the classroom and the dancers by maintaining a quiet work environment. Please silence all electronic devices before entering the studio and refrain from talking or texting during class. We recommend leaving young siblings at home or with supervision in the lobby as they may distract the dancers and teachers. Infants and toddlers must remain on a parent’s lap if in class.


Class Parties: Parties are held the week before Winter Vacation and during the last week of classes. If your child has a food allergy, be certain it is noted on his/her registration form. Please speak personally with his/her teacher and the desk staff, and provide a snack for your dancer during party weeks.


Master Classes/Workshops: Master teachers are invited to teach at TDE to enhance the student’s development. And offer an opportunity to learn from experts in a variety of areas of study. Participation is encouraged, but not required.

Biennial Performance

A biennial (every other year) performance is open to all students enrolled at TDE. Participation is encouraged, but not required. We work very hard to give lasting memories for all of our students who choose to perform.


Our performance is much more than just a show; it’s a chance for all our students to dance their hearts out in front of their family and friends. From the tiniest preschooler to the graduating senior with 10 dances to remember, each student enjoys a moment in the spotlight. Our faculty and dancers look forward to this day with great anticipation as their many hours of work are recognized by an audience. Our next performance is in May/June of 2018.


Performance Details can be found on our performance website via a link on the Members Only page of our website.


Each student will appear in one number for each class they are enrolled in. Rising Stars students will appear in one number, the type to be chosen by the teacher.


Costumes and Music: Choreography is planned and costumes are chosen with the intent of helping our dancers look their best and feel comfortable on stage in front of an audience of enthusiastic parents, relatives and friends! Ready-made costumes are purchased from the studio. It is TDE policy that all costumes and music are suitable for all audiences (ie G-Rated).


Attendance: The success of class choreography is directly affected by the class attendance from January to June. Please make every effort to attend every class and rehearsal. Keep in mind the important dates which were distributed in the fall when adding new spring activities to your schedule.


Volunteering: We could not do what we do without our parent volunteers. Please consider volunteering in one capacity or another (sign up online). Even an hour of time will make a huge difference!


Only registered students with accounts paid up to date are permitted to participate in the biennial performance.


Students who wish to perform more frequently are encouraged to participate in Kids in Motion Company or audition for the Community Dance Ensemble (see below). We are proud of the many generations of students who have danced in our companies, and through the experience have learned the value of compassion and giving back to the community.


During the “technique” or non-show year, students focus on technique development and advance rapidly in the curriculum.



The Evelyn Erving Scholarship (EES) and the Miss Lila Award are awarded biennially. More info is available at our website.


Work/Study Program

A work/study program is available to students/families who demonstrate financial need as well as dedication.  Please call Nancy Dennis at 860-443-1154 for information.  


Class Assistants

Our class assistants volunteer to work with younger students on a weekly basis. Our Class Assistants are a dedicated group of dancers ages 11-17 who are mentored by the faculty of our Young Movers & Youth Programs.  Assistants volunteer inside the classroom providing extra help to our faculty and cultivating a positive experience for all TDE dancers.  Assistants are selected based on training, motivation and the ability to work well with all ages of children.  

Goals of the TDE Class Assistant Program...

  • to nurture students' desire to teach;

  • to develop students' leadership skills;

  • to offer an opportunity to inspire and mentor young dancers; and

  • to instill the important life lesson of giving back to the community. 

Student Companies

TDE has two established student companies: Kids in Motion and the Community Dance Ensemble, Inc, (CDE).


Dance as a performing art is entertainment and through company we teach dancers to connect with an audience, an essential part of performing. Company dancers are exposed to a broad spectrum of performance experiences – from small audiences at nursing homes and hospitals to larger audiences such as parades, the Garde Arts Center and Walt Disney World® Resort. Performing at community events offers useful, teachable moments in which students develop a positive, can-do attitude and learn the value of giving back to the community. These performances give our students a direction and purpose for their training through which they gain confidence, camaraderie, professionalism, skill development, and memories that will stay with them far beyond their student years. If your child is interested in performing with Kids in Motion or the Community Dance Ensemble now or in the future, please speak with Maggie Dennis or Nancy K. Dennis regarding class progression.  



Kids in Motion is a repertory company of enthusiastic students who perform for audiences throughout southeastern Connecticut. Dancers are selected annually from the student body of The Dance Extension by artistic directors, Maggie & Nancy Dennis. The dancers must exhibit an enthusiasm for dance and enjoy performing in the community.  Kids in Motion dancers must attend a weekly ballet class as well as a repertory class at The Dance Extension to learn new and existing choreography for the performance season.


Community Dance Ensemble

The Community Dance Ensemble, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) charitable organization of dance students who perform throughout New England at nursing homes, hospitals, senior citizen centers and benefit concerts. By using dance to help others, these students learn the importance of compassion and sharing and grow up to become conscientious citizens.  Dancers are selected by audition, and must be age 10 by September 1st in order to audition. In addition to technique classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and modern, dancers attend weekly repertory rehearsals conducted by professional dance teachers and guest artists.  Their dance training is enhanced by attendance at conventions, master classes, professional concerts and educational performance programs. The Community Dance Ensemble was selected to participate in the Magic Music Days program at Walt Disney World® Resort; the Rockette Experience at Radio City Music Hall and Talent Quest at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.


Learn more at  the company website: www.communitydanceensemble.org

Final Thoughts

Thank you for choosing TDE for your dance education.

We value your patronage and support, and are excited to have the opportunity to share our love of dance with you!









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