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Class Assistants

Our Class Assistants are a dedicated group of dancers ages 10-17 who are mentored by the faculty of our Mini Movers Academy, Young Movers & Youth Programs. Assistants volunteer inside the classroom providing extra help to our faculty and cultivating a positive experience for all TDE students. Assistants are selected based on dance training, leadership potential, motivation and the ability to work well with all ages of children.  


Goals of our Class Assistant Program

  • to nurture students' desire to teach;

  • to develop students' leadership skills;

  • to offer an opportunity to inspire and mentor young dancers; and

  • to instill the important life lesson of giving back to the community. 

Teacher Training Program

The Dance Extension is strongly committed to enriching and nourishing future teachers and responsible citizens in our community. Regardless of a student's future career path, we feel confident that students accepted into the TDE Teacher Training Program will graduate having learned important life skills of respect, responsibility, accountability, discipline, confidence & professionalism.


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