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Nancy & Maggie Dennis


Our mission is to provide an excellent dance education in an exciting atmosphere where dancers of all ages and technical levels feel welcome & special. Dance skills are life skills. Our classes teach not only how to dance and perform, but important life skills including discipline, self-confidence, dedication, respect for others, and learning to work together to accomplish a common goal. We strive to set a high standard in the field of dance education with age appropriate movement, music & costuming selections for our students.


Our classes are taught in a positive, caring, family friendly atmosphere with plenty of individual attention. Our faculty has decades of teaching experience in the field of dance, and their love of teaching leaves students feeling refreshed, motivated and open to new ideas & creativity. We offer a wide variety of dance styles resulting in a well rounded education. Our graduates have followed diverse paths, including college and conservatory. 


"Through dancing at The Dance Extension, I've learned grace & poise and the value of time management & community service. I've overcome my shyness and learned how to perform in front of large groups of people, and I've made friends and family that will last a lifetime. You have inspired  a love of dance in me which I will forever appreciate. I have had so many amazing years with The Dance Extension and learned lessons I will take with me forever. Thanks for everything you've done for me!"  - Ellie Tompkins, Class of 2014


Our Philosophy on Dance Education
"Dance with a Purpose"


The Dance Extension was founded with the intent of teaching not only dance technique, but also important life skills and instilling in our students the notion of service through dance. 


We strongly encourage student growth through community performances that benefit a wide range of causes as well as workshops, master classes, concerts & conventions. These opportunities focus on technique development, the enjoyment of dance, and the spirit of giving back rather than competition.  Our performing company, the Community Dance Ensemble, is dedicated to serving others through dance with the goal of using the art of dance to better the world. 

Benefits of Dance

Benefits of Dance

Read the full article (PDF).


Quick Thinking


Communication Skills


Self-Expression &




Improved Posture


Increased Muscle Strength & Toning


Promotes a Healthly Lifestyle


Stress Reduction


Increases Energy


Builds Friendships

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