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How to Access Live Classes


iPhone, iPad, Android & Tablet

RECOMMENDED: Simply follow the steps outlined in the video after clicking on the "Go to Live Classroom" button below.  No App is needed if using a laptop or desktop computer.

RECOMMENDED:  Download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App Store in advance of your dance class!  Follow the steps in the video after clicking the class link "Go to Live Classroom" below. 

Attending a Live Dance Class

For assistance, email us at

Click the button below to be a part of the Live Class. 

You will enter a "waiting room" until your Teacher invites you in. 

Please be sure to enter the name of your dancer as your user name when entering the Zoom room.  


For security, if we do not recognize your name (or if it is generic "My iPhone", "My iPad"), we will not give access to the live class.  

How to Change Device Name: Apple Users (here)

How to Change Device Name: Android Users (here)

Please do not click the button until shortly before your class time to avoid interrupting the class in session.  Thank you! 

Check your mic and webcam are on!

By agreeing to join the TDE Digital Dance Academy, you agree to hereby release The Dance Extension, LLC, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all liability which may result from the participation of online or virtual classes and events offered by The Dance Extension, LLC. 

Go to Live Classroom
  • Be sure you've reviewed our Liability Waiver. 

  • We recommend logging on 3 minutes before your class start time to ensure Zoom and your laptop/desktop/mobile device is working properly.  

  • Parents of children ages 3-6 should be nearby to re-direct & re-focus dancers as needed.

  • Clear a 6' x 6' space for your dancer to move in.  

  • Do not dance under overhead objects such as chandeliers & ceiling fans. 

  • Attire: Dancers are encouraged to attend class in dance attire, but it is not required.  

  • Footwear: Please choose footwear based on the surface you will practice on. Bare feet or your normal dance shoes are best! For tap classes, we certainly do not want you to scratch your floors or dance on concrete. Consider covering taps with duct tape over the taps or simple go barefoot.  No socks without grips on the bottom (too slippery!)

  • Dancers do not need to request permission to use the bathroom or take a water break!

Helpful Tips 
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